James Frizelle Charitable Foundation Grants 2022 - 2023

Round 2, 2022

Agape Outreach - Community Kitchen Freezer Upgrade

Agape Outreach Inc is Charity organisation of 4 employees and over 400 volunteers, making a difference in the lives of hurting, broken and disenfranchised homeless and needy people between Runaway Bay QLD & Byron Bay NSW. Providing 700 hot meals per week on the streets and through Agape’s venue in Tweed Heads FREE food hampers to families in need, case management to assist in finding housing, psychologist access, shower and laundry access and basic life skills training classes such as:- barista, cooking, budgeting etc. support programs. Our Foundation Grant of $4,441.00 was provided to facilitate the purchase of new Freezer & Fridge to increase the storage capacity of food.

Animal Therapies - Animal-Assisted Mental Health Support

The rate of mental illness is growing and while room-based treatment options exist, low rates of treatment adherence, tolerability and acceptability hinder clinician’s ability to reduce the devastating impacts mental health conditions have. To individuals with complex mental health profiles, such as those who have experienced traumatic events, traditional talking therapy can be intolerable or distressing. This project provides fully funded one-on-one sessions for referred participants unable to access funding via NDIS or DVA with an animal-assisted service delivered by the appropriate qualified practitioner nearest to where the successful applicant lives on the Gold Coast. Our Foundation Grant of $25,000.00 was provided to ensure that through the delivery of Animal-Assisted Services we can help with the prevention and management of mental illness, disease, disability and suffering for people of all ages here on the Gold Coast.

Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation - Early Intervention for Young People in Gold Coast LGA impacted by Familial Mental Illness

Australian Kookaburra Kids is dedicated solely to supporting kids from families impacted by mental illness. In Queensland they provide an in-community pre-early intervention mental health program for Young People aged 8-18, at-risk of mental illness. The activities-based program combines physical exercise and mental health literacy for kids in fun venues/activities, to make friendships, build emotional competence and increase help-seeking behaviours. Our Foundation Grant of $15,000.00 was provided to enable 10 Coomera & Southport families at no cost to them, to participate in online ‘Connect’ chat sessions and personally attend an Activity Day on the Gold Coast. The activity day at a fun venue is a five-hour activity, timetabled around recreational physical/arts/crafts activities, and includes a Kookaburra Kids Resilience psycho-ed module (e.g. Mental Health Myth Busting”). Meals, snacks, participant kit, all transport and costs are included.

Eat Up Australia - Feeding Hungry Gold Coast School Kids

Food-insecurity is a pervasive but hidden problem in Australian schools. 1:8 children arrive at school hungry every-day. Eat Up’s mission is to provide lunch to the most vulnerable children in our community, to help them take advantage of learning opportunities, succeed in education, and break the poverty cycle. Eat Up QLD program supports disadvantaged school-children aged 5-18 years from low-income, socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Volunteers attend sessions to prepare sandwiches which are transported & delivered along with fresh fruit/snacks to schools. Schools discreetly distribute lunches to students who arrive at-school without food, free of Eat-Up branding to prevent embarrassment or stigmatisation. Our 1 year Foundation Grant of $9,000.00 will deliver a reliable supply-chain of 6,500 lunchtime meals, to 9 primary/secondary Schools within the Gold Coast LGA during Terms 4 2022 & Term 1 2023.

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation - Young Dad's Cancer Packs

The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation is a locally-based community organisation receiving no government funding, striving to relieve medical hardship caused by illness, injury or disability. At Gold Coast University Hospital, approx. 30 young Dads (with children under 14 years old) each year receive the news that their cancer is metastatic and they have a limited time with their families. This news is devastating for these Dads who thought they would be able to provide for their families for years to come. The Cancer Care nurses – whose role it is provide education and support to people diagnosed with cancer, requested to be able to provide special packs to give to their young dads containing various vouchers allowing them a special treat, a ‘Tell your life story Dad’ book and a recordable I-bear or I-Koala to leave an audio message for their children helping them prepare themselves and their young family for the inevitable. The Foundation Grant of $4,900.00 will provide these packs to the young Dads.

Guide Dogs Queensland - Gold Coast Assistive Technology Help Desk for 65+ vision impaired

Guide Dogs Queensland occupational therapists, psychologists, orientation and mobility and assisted technology specialists currently support 200 vision impaired Queenslanders on the Gold Coast – 98 of whom are 65+. Older clients, especially those who are 65+ and not eligible for NDIS funding, are also one of the most vulnerable and at serious risk of social isolation if they do not receive early intervention. Our 1 year Foundation Grant of $50,000.00 allows Guide Dogs Queensland to establish a designated Help Desk to provide specialised support and assistance for our 65+ vision impaired community on the Gold Coast with assistive technology issues and prevent the risk of cyber abuse therein optimising their opportunity to continue living independently. This includes a key secondary mobility aid, in addition to a guide dog or long cane, software and devices which enable reading of printed material, surfing the net and undertaking daily living tasks.

LifeFlight Foundation - Disaster Response Operations Search & Rescue

RACQ LifeFlight Rescue has been Queensland’s leading community helicopter service for the past 40 years providing emergency, lifesaving medical treatment to seriously ill and injured people. LifeFlight’s purpose has always been the same – to save lives and provide support during their time of need. Natural disaster and extreme weather events relevant to LifeFlight’s activities include storms, floods, damaging surf and inundation as well as heatwaves, bushfire and cyclones. The service provides resources for local disaster management planning, providing search and rescue solutions, and emergency evacuation options in the event of natural disasters. LifeFlight’s response to assist during the flooding disaster event in NSW was impeded due to a lack of search and rescue equipment items which were needed to carry out flood rescue missions. Consequently, the necessary equipment had to be borrowed from a number of other aircrafts located at various bases across Queensland causing delays. A Foundation Grant of $31,895.00 will ensure all XIB and XIA rotary aircraft in LifeFlight’s fleet in the future are appropriately equipped for all disaster emergencies with “Search & Rescue Kits” including:- a winch stretcher, a scoop (spinal immobilisation); a child rescue capsule; VacMat bag; crew restraint straps; crew helmets & headsets; transceiver radios; flashlight; personal locator beacons and emergency breathing systems.

Little Wings- Little Wings Flight & Medical Wings programs QLD

Over recent years, and particularly during the pandemic, Little Wings, a non-profit organization have been approached by local QLD services (Brisbane Children’s Hospital/Act for Kids) and the federal government, to deliver their proven services into QLD. Our Foundation Grant of $50,000.00 will fund the 1st year of Little Wings venture into Qld, delivering programs: 1. Hospital flights program – transporting 14 seriously ill children and their families to and from regional QLD to city based hospitals for life-saving medical treatment. This is FREE and unlimited service. Ensuring ongoing access for the duration of the child’s medical journey. 2. Medical Wings – will fly 4 Doctors to deliver 14 regional and remote clinics across QLD. Clinics will vary in length usually from 2-5 days, be in partnership with local doctors and medical specialists/healthcare workers & will see as many as 3,500 children (all receiving 2+ treatments depending on diagnosis) in areas of high demand and health concerns. Additionally, 150 regional healthcare workers will receive direct training (one-to-one and workshops) that are tailored to the area’s need, seeing them aid in the continued delivery of intervention and support for families in between clinics. .Little Wings will provide all transport, air and ground, free of charge for these activities and oversee all scheduling, family/specialist liaison; pilot and driver provisions.

Marine Rescue NSW - Nth Rivers Rapid Response Emergency Rescue Boat

Marine Rescue Brunswick has a team of highly trained and dedicated volunteers that have seen their community devastated. There are many local areas within the Northern Rivers that have shallow waterways and are affected by flood water and emergency services don’t have resources in all locations to respond. This was shown in the February of 2022 when all towns in the northern area of Byron Shire where cut off from for days. With Our Grant of $50,000.00 Marine Rescue Brunswick was able to purchase a Milpro ERB380 Rescue Boat and equipment. The Boat is a purpose designed craft to navigate the shallow waters and rivers of the Northern Rivers area, in response to floods, fire and emergency rescues. With many families locating to the area there are more people out and exploring the waterways and needing assistance.

St John's Crisis Centre- Theory of Change, Domestic Violence Assistance

A not-for-profit, volunteer based charity which offers a welcoming place for those seeking refuge from domestic violence, homelessness, or in need of emergency crisis assistance. Changes in demographics in St John’s service area has seen a large shift and increase in domestic violence issues from individuals, families, homeless and the elderly. A Foundation grant of $100,000.00 was provided for the Theory of Change project which will aid victims of domestic violence with immediate & emergency support through emergency accommodation, Nurse & Social Welfare Worker (both of whom will make in-home visits to clients who cannot physically attend St John’s); emergency accommodation; medical expenses, school item support and technology assistance devices, clothing and fuel.

The Carers Foundation - WHO CARES? for Carers Project

The Carers Foundation is a not-for-profit, volunteer run organisation that works to prevent health crisis breakdown in unpaid family carers by providing wellness programs to support their physical, emotional and mental-health. Our Foundation’s 3rd $50,000.00 grant will provide 1 and 3 day FREE comprehensive wellness-programs for 50 Gold Coast/Tweed/Northern Rivers carers from as young as 12yo in the WHO Cares? project. Participants receive Accommodation/transport to venue (facilitated in a safe, tranquil, healing environment around the Gold-Coast-Hinterland); healthy nutritious meals onsite; professional-counselling; unique stress-management and mental-health resilience workshops; healing natural-therapies; educational workshops on self-care, nutrition, time management, mindfulness and develop a range of skills and strategies to help them to cope with carer responsibilities; creative and fun activities to allow them to relax and enjoy themselves -especially young-carers; inspirational-speakers to empower and give hope for their future; individual mental-health and wellness-care-plans, utilised when returning home and follow-up care online post-program.

Serving Our People - Warehouse Racking

A mobilised team of more than 2,100 Serving Our People members/volunteer drivers across SE QLD & NSW providing complimentary pick-up and drop-off delivery of critical goods supporting the needs of over 55,000 recipients redressing the logistical gaps among Gold Coast relief charities through express deliveries between donors and disadvantaged cohort . Supporting efforts around the country SOP are now able to deliver 19,000 meals, and more than 1000 bags of love (groceries) per year to households in need. Our Foundation Grant of $27,000.00, was provided for the purchase of Warehouse Racking for their 1400m2 warehouse to maximise space & expedite delivery of donated goods.

Zephyr Education Inc - New School, Fresh Start

Zephyr Education is a not-for-profit Charity founded in 2013 by Isabella Bevan, David Bevan AM, Carmel Martin and Terry Martin to help children at Domestic Violence Shelters (currently supporting 116 DV Shelters in Qld, 1 in the Northern Territory, 2 in NSW, 3 in ACT & 20 in W A) resume their education by supplying them with everything they need to start at their new school. Run solely by unpaid volunteers, Zephyr operates from the private premises of 2 of its founders, has no leasing or power costs, has negligible administration costs (<1%), essentially every dollar of any donation received is spent ensuring these kids have the correct brand new uniforms, school bags, swimming gear, textbooks and stationery specific to their school and school year and everything else they will need including school resource levies and, if required, laptops or iPads. Our Foundation grant of $50,000.00 will assist Zephyr Education specifically support 18 organisations within the Gold Coast, Darling Downs, Mt Isa/Western Queensland & 1 in Northern NSW.

At The Ark - Counselling Services, Food parcels

Statistically in Australia, more than 1 in 5 children will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday, 1 in 6 women and 1 in 16 men have been subjected, since the age of 15, to physical and/or sexual violence by a current or previous cohabiting partner. At the Ark services families affected by child sexual abuse, family and domestic violence referred via The Queensland Police Service, On referrals from other organisations and self referrals, providing FREE services to families and individuals impacted by financial restraints who are not in a position to afford additional services. With numbers increasing dramatically over the past 2 years, Our Foundation Grant of $25,000.00 p/annum (year 1 of 3 year Grant) will assist At The Ark be provide additional counselling services, occasional short term emergency accommodation, food parcels and additional copies of the Brave Little Bear 3-book series teaching families self-protective behaviours which will go a long way in the prevention of further child sexual abuse and family and domestic violence.

Australian Aphasia Association Ltd - Aphasia Camp

A little-known condition, Aphasia is a chronic impairment of language (talking, understanding, reading, writing) caused by stroke, brain injury, or brain tumour. Although it does not impact intelligence, its devastating effects significantly interferes with everyday life, including maintaining friendships, returning to work, participating in leisure activities, ordering meals, paying bills, leading to social isolation. It is estimated that 1500 people live with aphasia after stroke on the Gold Coast and currently there are only two small aphasia support groups. Speech pathologists are the key professionals who provide guidance and therapy. The Foundation grant of $26,016.00 p/a (year 2 of 3 year grant) will provide 30 Gold Coast Aphasia sufferers and their partner each year to participate in the 3 day national Aphasia camp held on the Gold Coast. Led by Emeritus Professor Linda Worrall (qualified speech pathologist) therapy activities delivered by volunteer speech pathology students include:- computer-based group speech therapy sessions; conversation groups, communication training for partners, mental health and access of local support services workshops; Aphasia-friendly leisure activities and a showcase event demonstrating the achievements of participants.

Baby Give Back - Equal Start

A not-for-profit, volunteer based Gold Coast Charity believing that every baby deserves an equal and safe start to life. One in six children on the Gold Coast were living in poverty. For some new parents the reality they face is agonising over whether to buy nappies or food for their child as they simply can’t afford both. The Safe Start program provides emergency packs to vulnerable families in collaboration with maternity hospitals and social service agencies. The Foundation grant of $58,000.00 per annum (3rd year of 3 year Grant) will assist in funding for the Varsity Lakes warehouse. This space is critical for Baby Give Back’s work and enables them, together with their volunteers, to collect, sort, clean and safety check essential baby items donated to them from the local community and dispatch these items to vulnerable children and families (via their caseworker or social worker).

Cerebral Palsy Alliance - Babies At Risk Program

Cerebral Palsy is the most common disability in childhood resulting from damage to the brain during pregnancy or shortly after birth. Half of all children with CP also have an intellectual impairment. A third cannot walk, a quarter cannot talk, and three quarters experience chronic pain. Babies at Risk program provides 20 hours of specialised intervention therapy for individual babies identified as being at risk of cerebral palsy (CP). This targeted, time-critical therapy supports cognitive, communication and motor development, giving vulnerable infants the best chance to achieve optimal outcomes over their lifetimes. The Foundation grant of $14,700.00 per annum (3rd year of 3 year Grant) will allow 3 at risk babies each year from south-eastern Queensland and northern NSW regions to benefit from 20 hours of therapy each, delivered by CPA’s highly skilled team of occupational-, speech- and physiotherapists based in Alstonville. Receiving no government funding, CPA is the only organisation responding in this way to babies at risk of CP who are not already in the hospital system.

Childhood Dementia Iniative - The Family Voice

Approximately 2300 Australian children are living with dementia. Most of these children have a life expectancy of less than 18, some will die in infancy and this year 90 Australian children will die, numbers similar to paediatric cancer aged 0-14. The focus has been on the more than 70 rare genetic causes of a child’s dementia, rather than the dementia and the common way in which they all present. This has led to fragmentation in care, isolated focus in research, and a lack of understanding of these children’s needs. Children with dementia and their families feel immense isolation upon their diagnosis, including having to fight for diagnosis. Our Foundation Grant of $25,000.00 per annum (year 1 of 2 year Grant) will allow the Childhood Dementia Initiative to address the lack of awareness and resulting inequity and dearth of support that children with dementia currently are subjected to. Never before have children with dementia and their families had the opportunity to share their lived experience and voice as a collective to raise awareness of childhood dementia, influence policy leadership, inform research, and identify effective solutions to ultimately drive change across systems of research, treatment and care in Australia. By putting the families’ experience at the heart of solution development, we can profoundly impact how children with dementia are viewed, treated and cared for.

Friends With Dignity - The Sanctuary Program

The Sanctuary Program helps Men, Women and Children affected by DV to rebuild their lives once they leave shelter, refuge or directly from an abusive relationship. Through donations of used and new household items, Friends With Dignity outfits the rental property they enter with all of the basic essentials needed to start afresh. This reduces the financial and emotional burden allowing them to heal and move forward. Our Foundation grant of $23,977.00 p/annum (year 2 of 3 year grant) will be utilised to purchase brand new white goods and flat pack furniture etc. (of the correct size) that will fit in the very small rental properties. Household items to assist at least 15 families per annum will be provided to help them to build a better life and to break the cycle of returning to the abusive relationship.

Friends With Dignity - Warehousing

Friends with Dignity warehouse spaces provide secure storage points for new and used furniture and household items held for the urgent and immediate distribution to homes created via the Sanctuaries Program for the survivors of Domestic and Family Violence helping men, women and children affected rebuild their lives once they leave shelter, refuge or directly from an abusive relationship. Our Foundation grant of $20,000.00 p/annum (year 1 of 3 year grant) will fully fund the Carrara satellite warehouse and will assist in funding the main Meadowbank facility.

Gold Coast Centre Against Sexual Violence - Getting you where you need to go - safer transport for Gold Coast victim/survivors of domestic and sexual violence

A safe reliable car is essential in rebuilding lives after domestic and sexual violence and is a key factor in finding and sustaining employment, in caring for children, in maintaining social and support networks and in achieving independence. Victim/survivors frequently have cars that are unsafe or unreliable, so they are not fully utilised. Sometimes the offender has damaged the car or slashed the tyres, but mostly it’s the insurmountable costs associated with rectifying a range of issues, because after accommodation, food and basic living costs they simply can’t afford car parts, repairs, appropriate child safety seats or new tyres, let alone registration, insurance and roadside assist. Our Foundation grant of $36,000.00 per annum (1st year of 3 year Grant) providing Gold Coast victims access to vehicle maintenance, registration/licence/insurance fees etc. at no cost.

Gold Coast Youth Service - Youth Access and Support Service

This initiative is an early intervention response to young people aged 12 -21 years of age who present with at-risk factors including disengagement from family or community/support networks, education /employment, homelessness and harm (including self harm) by providing case management and practical on the ground support to navigate and overcome complex issues will assist in meeting the unmet demand from the community. The aim is to strengthen young peoples engagement and relationships with their family and community to enable successful transitions into adulthood and prevent entry into statutory systems. Our Foundation Grant of $50,000.00 per annum (year 2 of 3 year grant) will partially fund an additional full-time Youth Support and Advocacy worker to provide case management and practical on the ground support to navigate and overcome complex issues will assist in meeting the unmet demand from the community.

Gold Coast Community Fund

Established in early 2000, the not-for-profit, volunteer based Gold Coast Community Fund (GCCF) aims to relieve financial hardship which is determined on a case by case assessment of an individual beneficiary’s or charities genuine financial need. Relief of financial hardship may include assistance for people who are suffering from the effects of homelessness, sickness or from a disability, where, in each case, there is also financial need within the Statistical Area only of the Gold Coast. Our Foundation Grant $100,000 (year 1 of 3 year grant) will be distributed amongst the GCCF Disadvantaged, Domestic Violence, Homelessness and Housing programs.

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation - Cancer Patient Transport Service

The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation is a locally-based community organisation receiving no government funding, striving to relieve medical hardship caused by illness, injury or disability. One of their key operational objectives is to provide free transport to over 600 cancer patients each year to attend treatment appointments. Once diagnosed, the journey of ongoing cancer treatment is confronting, exhausting and convoluted. Frequent attendance at the hospital for specialist appointments, radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy treatment and blood tests are demanding for the patient, their family and friends and the impact of cancer does not affect the patient alone. Patients are picked up from their homes, delivered to the hospital for their treatment and then returned home. The Service consists of 3 vehicles, which combined, cover 7000 transfers per year and average 650 kms each day (Monday to Friday). The Foundation grant of $30,000.00 per annum (year 3 of 3 year Grant) which will help sustain this invaluable service to our community.

Guide Dogs Queensland - Vehicle for vision impaired over 65's

Guide Dogs Queensland occupational therapists, psychologists, orientation and mobility and assisted technology specialists currently support 200 vision impaired Queenslanders on the Gold Coast – 98 of whom are 65+. Older clients, especially those who are 65+ and not eligible for NDIS funding, are also one of the most vulnerable and at serious risk of social isolation if they do not receive early intervention. Our Foundation Grant of $10,000.00 (2nd year of 3 year Grant) towards the annual running costs of the Guide Dogs Queensland designated fit-for-purpose vehicle transporting both patients and guide dogs when required to reach medical appointments etc., thus ensuring that and their quality of life is improved.

Human Nature - Elev8: Creating a community of support

The core focus for Human Nature is young people aged between 14 and 20 living in the Far North Coast of NSW, empowering them to navigate life’s challenges – transforming trauma and disadvantage into healing and growth through innovative, accessible professional mental health outreach. Elev8 offers a range of group activities, workshops and events for participants to choose from, depending on their individual needs and interests. Designed in consultation with young people to ensure high-levels of engagement, these activities are delivered all across the Far North Coast at zero cost to the young person, offering transport to/from the event so that young people don’t miss out on accessing our therapeutic services. Our Foundation Grant of $50,000.00 per annum (1st year of 2 year Grant) will allow an additional 40 young people each year to participate in the program, away from conventional clinical settings and tailor support to their individual needs.

Little Wings- Little Wings Flight & Medical Wings programs Northern NSW

Little Wings is a non-profit organization (not government funded) that provides free, professional and safe flight and ground transport services for sick children in rural and regional NSW, striving to ease the journey and help sick children access specialised medical services and treatments that are only available in major cities or towns. The service is delivered by a team of highly experienced volunteer pilots with a commercial pilots licence, instrument rating, and a minimum of 1,000 hours total flying time and drivers all hold a full drivers licence and exemplary driving record. Our Foundation Grant of $50,000.00 (year 2 of 3 year grant) will fund 20 hospital flights per annum transporting 6 individual families (one of whom is flying weekly for chemotherapy) from the Northern Rivers with FREE air and ground transport as required to access life-saving medical treatment at the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network. These children are diagnosed with cancer/genetic disorders/burns, all of which require long term support and intervention. Further, the Grant will assist in delivering 13 MEDICAL WINGS flights per annum whereby a range of medical specialists and their teams are transported across northern NSW seeing an estimated 240 children. Additionally, up to 10 local healthcare workers will also receive direct face-to-face training as part of this program, seeing them aid in the continued delivery of intervention and support for families in between clinics.

My Community Legal - Domestic Violence Project

My Community Legal focus is to provide free and accessible legal services, legal education and guidance, while also providing referrals where necessary. The Domestic Violence project is aimed at promote awareness, education, support and guidance. Knowing how much DV has increased in Australia and Queensland, My Community Legal understands how hard it is for victims to discuss their DV case with others to receive the support they need. The Project aims to provide the assistance victims need through training for their staff, events and social media posts to raise awareness of the issues we face as a community. Staffed by volunteer legal practitioners, university legal students and senior volunteers, ongoing planning, organising and providing volunteering staff with the required training and skills needed to help clients suffering from DV related matters. With volunteer numbers constantly growing, this project will allow My Community Legal to keep staff trained to help our community with their DV cases while also providing them with legal support and evidence. The Foundation grant of $8,200.00 is the 3rd year of our 3 year Grant which will ensure continuity of free legal advice.

My Community Legal - Mental Health Support Project

My Community Legal focus is to provide free and accessible legal services, legal education and guidance, while also providing referrals where necessary. The mental health first aid training for all or most of the volunteers, whether they are practitioners or our student/senior volunteers that help clients daily, to provide better support and assistance to those in need. Additionally, the project will create events that will allow people from our community to gather and socialise, which will provide those in need with the ability to talk to others and help increase their sense of belonging to the community help battle mental illness. The Foundation grant of $8,200.00 is the 3rd year of our 3 year Grant which will ensure continuity of free legal advice.

Northern Rivers Community Cancer Foundation - Our House - Our House for Premi Mums

Our House is a purpose-built accommodation for patients, carers, and their families who are receiving treatment at Lismore Base Hospital. Our Foundation Grant of $19,000.00 (year 2 of 3 year grant) in support of The Premi Mums program will provide accommodation for regional families to stay close to their premature baby whilst a patient in the Lismore Base Hospital Special Care Nursery – at no cost to the family. Not only will the program ease the financial strain for the family (having no out-of-pocket accommodation costs) whilst away from home, it will promote mum and baby bonding, remove the need for daily travel to breastfeed (no potential loss of milk) and enable the family to function in a more relaxed environment during their hospital journey.

OrangeSky Australia - Gold Coast & Nth Rivers Laundry & Shower Service

OrangeSky’s two hybrid laundry and shower vehicles on the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers currently provide free laundry, warm showers and non-judgemental conversation to people experiencing disadvantage throughout the region. The Gold Coast service is operated by 85 rostered volunteers, operating 12 weekly shifts across the city and since January 2016, has facilitated 12,971 loads of laundry, 113 hot showers and enabled 19,545 hours of genuine and non-judgemental conversations. The relatively new Northern Rivers service is currently operated by 36 rostered volunteers, operating 5 weekly shifts across the region and since commencing in February 2020, has facilitated 251 loads of laundry, 98 hot showers and enabled 644 hours of genuine and non-judgemental conversations. The Foundation Grant of $100,000.00 (year 2 of 3 year grant) will provide funding for ongoing vehicle operating costs, recruitment and training of additional volunteers to increase the number and location of shifts across both regions.

OzHarvest Limited- Gold Coast & Tweed Heads

Established in 2013, OzHarvest is a not for profit charity that addresses food insecurity by supplying over 65 Gold Coast/Tweed Heads charities with free, nutritious meals and fresh produce for the vulnerable people in their care including the homeless, single parent families, and socially isolated pensioners (who are at statistically higher risk of poor health and wellbeing outcomes). Three OzHarvest Gold Coast vans operate “food rescue” and “drop-off” activities at least six days per week, including outside of business hours and on weekends. The Foundation grant of $75,000.00 (year 3 of 3 year Grant) will ensure continuation of this service to our local community through OzHarvest.

Pregnancy & Family Support Gold Coast - Peri-Natal Emergency Relief Program

Pregnancy and Family Support Association Gold Coast Inc. has a long history of assisting families and individuals in financial and psychological distress, with a strong focus on supporting disadvantaged pregnant women throughout their pregnancies and beyond. Our Foundation Grant of $10,000.00 per annum (2nd year of 3 year Grant) will be used to provide emergency relief support to at-risk mothers and their families, many of whom are facing financial issues outside their control. These funds will be utilised to support mothers with infants requiring medical care, assisting with petrol to attend medical appointments, hospital car parking fees, outstanding medical as well as other Peri-Natal needs, such as baby formula, nappies and pharmaceutical requirements and car seats/prams where they cannot be sourced from donations from other collaborative Charities.

Royal Flying Doctor Service - Vital equipment & pilot training for outback Qld

Queensland’s Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) delivers preventative, curative and emergency health services to those living, working and travelling across rural, remote and regional Queensland, flying 12,319 patients in emergency or specialist care in 2020-2021. Many people in outback Queensland struggle to access the kind of health services taken for granted in the city. To ensure optimal service delivery, RFDS aeromedical crews require the best life saving equipment – all of which is provided by donor support. Charleville (2020/21:- 852 flights) and Mount Isa Bases (2020/21:- 1007 flights) required new, upgraded replacement of much of their ageing equipment along with mandatory annual pilot simulation training (RFDS operates with solo pilots in bad weather, at night and on the most remote dirt airstrips). The Foundation Grant of $52,143.00 (year 2 of 3 year Grant) will ensure the provision of equipment upgrades and pilot simulation training of Charleville and Mount Isa Bases.

Safe Haven Community - Safe Hub

The Safe Hub’s purpose is to is have a centrally located Head Office offering women support services when attending the Southport Domestic Violence (DV) courthouse. Assistance is provided to complete forms, collate history and evidence documentation, financial literacy education, access to computer resources, raise awareness of available crisis accommodation service if needed and where required a support volunteer will accompany victims to and/or from the courthouse. The Foundation Grant of $25,000.00 (year 3 of 3 year Grant) will assist with ongoing costs, engage specialist counselling, life coaching, well being programs and professional support.

StandbyU Foundation - Family & Friends Shield

StandbyU Foundation is a not-for-profit charity established in 2017, existing to connect/re-connect vulnerable people affected by early and more severe forms of domestic abuse with those who care – family & friends (F&F) to harness and embrace the power of human connections, giving them the support they need to see a brighter future. They initiate bringing people together – family, friends, loved ones and colleagues into a victim’s personalized Safety Network, work with them to create action plans and provide simple, smart devices (shields/watches) with world first software (developed in Brisbane) to secretly & securely connect up to 10 F&F. A simple click of a button on the smartwatch activates an alert, allowing the chosen support network to listen in, locate the person at risk, speak to each other and organise help, whilst also recording what’s taking place, so that it can be used as evidence against the perpetrator. Our Foundation Grant of $50,000.00 per annum (2nd year of 3 year Grant) will provide 50 StandbyU Shields for vulnerable children and women across the LGAs of Gold Coast, Tweed, Byron Bay and Lismore. StandbyU will work with these families who have been affected by early and more severe forms of domestic abuse, giving them the support they need to see a brighter future. They help to bring people together to build individual safety networks, create action plans and provide simple, smart wearable devices to keep them connected in times of need.

Freedom Solutions (previously TAD) - Solving Challenges & Reaching Goals in Ballina, Byron Bay, Lismore

A Not -For-Profit charity, TAD changes the lives of people living with a disability by providing personalised technology, equipment and services. TAD’s core workforce consists of over 80 skilled volunteers who donate thousands of hours to designing, building and modifying hundreds of diverse items every year to help people of any age and any disability achieve their goals. The Solving Challenges & Reaching Goals project will connect eligible clients of the Northern Rivers with a TAD volunteer, who will carry out an assessment of their needs and design a piece of assistive equipment with input from the client, their support network and the TAD Occupational Therapist (OT). Assessments take place regionally and for those who cannot attend face-to-face can avail of TAD’s telehealth assessment. Our Foundation Grant of $10,000.00 per annum (3rd year of 3 year Grant) will allow approximately 10 people from the Northern Rivers community lead more independent lives and allow them to achieve their functional goals.

Violet's Ear to Hear

 Violet was born in July 2019 with rare congenital bilateral microtia and canal atresia. She has a small left ear, is missing her right external ear (microtia), and both ear canals, causing deafness (atresia). Violet needs surgery only available in the U.S., not Australia, to create ear canals, enabling her to hear; and simultaneously to construct external ears. Surgery is required on two separate occasions, firstly for the right ear, (and subsequently for the left ear), with post-operative stays in the U.S. of four weeks. Our Foundation grant of $5,000.00 per annum (2nd year of 2 year Grant) will help fund the cost of Violet’s surgeries.

White Cloud Foundation - STRATUS Rural & Remote Tele-Mental Health

A not-for-profit organisation, the WCF mission is to provide practical support, easy access to treatment, and early intervention programs for people living with or at risk of developing depression and anxiety in its many forms. The lack of suitable mental health treatment options for people living in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia – home to some of the most vulnerable in our country, suicide rates in these communities are 50% higher than in metropolitan areas due to high levels of stress and low levels of services. Rural residents endure other stressors such as drought, flood, bushfires, and a lack of control of their economic security. Farmers face an additional set of unique stressors; for many, farming is all they’ve ever known so it’s an intrinsic part of their identity. Not only is the farm their workplace, but their home as well and have often belonged to the same family for generations, which adds to the pressure to make the business work. Our Foundation Grant of $50,000.00 per annum (3rd year of 3 year Grant) will provide Free, tele-mental health help via the STRATUS Integrated Practice Unit (IPU) in Brisbane, servicing rural and remote Queensland via video conferencing or telephone. Patients will not need a GP mental health plan to access the service and can be anonymous if they wish, whilst talking with multidisciplinary practitioners including psychologists, social workers and dietitians who can provide clinical care at the early stages of depression and/or anxiety. The IPU team would then develop individualised treatment plans, monitor and manage their progress.

White Cloud Foundation - Tele-Mental Health for Mums

White Cloud provides tele-mental health support for women at risk of or experiencing perinatal depression. It is designed to complement the clinical care given by the mother’s health care provider. The service provides practical support and social connection phone contact with WCF program coordinator. Our Foundation Grant of $10,000.00 per annum (2nd year of 3 year Grant) will facilitate the roll out of this program across regional Queensland. Referrals to the program have to be received from medical professionals, allied healthcare professionals, social workers or counsellors.

Wounded Heroes - Homeless Heroes

A not-for-profit, volunteer based charity. First and foremost Wounded Heroes strives to prevent the suicide of those veterans that have lost all hope. Homeless Heroes provides front-line emergency financial assistance to fund short-term crisis accommodation and emergency food, phone, fuel and transport for homeless current Australian Defence Force personnel, veterans, and their families. Providing a ‘Housing First’ policy, allows engagement with the veteran/spouse, leading to acceptance of assistance and if required support through Wounded Heroes network of clinics and (sought in partnership with DVA) their entitlements. Our Foundation grant of $70,000.00 per annum (year 1 of 3 year grant) was made to assist Homeless Heroes’ crisis support of the veterans and current ADF personnel in our local community.

Wounded Heroes - Horses 4 Heroes

A not-for-profit, volunteer based charity, the Horses 4 Heroes program was initially designed in 2017 for the Gallipoli Barracks Soldier Recovery Centre Brisbane to assist referred current members of the Australian Army, Navy, & Airforce, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/anxiety/depression and unable to return to work in the Australian Defence Force. 2020 saw the program expanded to include veterans and their spouse, operational 30-36 weeks a year and provided free of charge to all participants. The program draws together concepts of peer-support and equine therapy. Led by Vietnam Veteran Pete Riches the program (non-riding, ground work only) provides participants with a non-judgmental and positive environment to connect with a horse and enable recovery and rehabilitation. Medication fosters a passive experience, which is seen as the normal whereas interacting with such a powerful and spirited animal can instil a sense of self-worth and self-confidence particularly benefiting those who as a result of PTSD, often see themselves as powerless when dealing with every day events as well promoting physical, occupational, and emotional growth. Our Foundation grant of $30,000.00 per annum (year 1 of 3 year grant) was made to assist in this ongoing program

The 4 Aussie Heroes Foundation - Camp Courage

A not-for-profit Charity developing and delivering programs to enhance quality of life for those military (ADF) and first responder (AFP, QPS, QFES, QAS) personnel, past and present with PTSD and related mental health issues, as a result of serving our great Nation and our Communities. “The James Frizelle” Camp Courage will be a purpose built, rural retreat specialising in live-in rehabilitation programs for military and first responder personnel, past and present, who are suffering and struggling as a result of their service to our Nation and our Communities. Our Foundation grant of $300,000.00 p/annum (year 2 of 2 year grant) will contribute to the construction costs of the facility funding, as well as contribute towards the cost of 2x 11 day live-in, rehabilitation Programs p/ annum (for 2 years). The “Triumph Over Trauma” rehabilitation program caters for 10 participants (plus spouse/support persons attending part of the program) at no cost to participants, includes approximately 100 sessions of educational and activity based therapy, with a 3 day “Refresh” Program conducted 3 months after the main Program for the same Participants. Both group and individual sessions include:- Equine Assisted Therapy (ground work), Canine Support, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition and Healthy Eating, Benefits of Humour and Laughter, Improving Sleep, Shared Stories, Bush Walks, Benefits of Creativity, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Relaxation Techniques, Values and Strength, About Peer Support, Alcohol and Substance Use.

Northern Rivers Community Foundation

The NRCF is a community-based independent foundation that connects people and communities to tackle challenging social and environmental problems across the Northern Rivers region. Established in 2004, they are dedicated to improving the lives of those less fortunate, including those affected by economic circumstances, mental illness, disability, learning difficulties, aged services, domestic violence and homelessness. NRCF grants support a range of projects – from helping a local disability charity to purchase a new beach wheelchair, funding intervention and support programs for at risk youth, through to the re-establishment of a local food pantry wiped out by floods. 2022-2023 is the 1st year of our 3 year Foundation’s grant, with $83,100.00 distributed amongst the following Individual grant recipients:-

Dunoon Preschool Inc

$10,000.00 A community based preschool located in beautiful village of Dunoon that supports play,
friendships and quality community based education for 3 to 5 year olds. Parents from the preschool form the Committee of Management
who, with the Director and Educators, guide the preschool and provide opportunities for children to reach their potential in art,
construction, problem solving, dramatic play, scientific exploration, writing and drawing; whilst in a community of compassion and
celebrating diversity.

Following the Floods & rain of February and March 2022, roof repairs were needed to remove large patches of mould blooming on the
ceiling in the children’s playroom and storage areas.

Katia Projects

$8,029.00 Byron Bay Herb Nursery is a not for profit disability service charity established in 1992. It is managed
by a community based committee, Katia Project Inc. comprising members from the local community with expertise in areas relevant to the
business and disability sectors, and provides providing employment and training opportunities for people with a disability living in the
Byron Shire.

The project will provide an upgrade to the Byron Bay Herb Nursery plant stock area to expand the range of native plants and improve
drainage and wheelchair access.

Zephyr Education

$10,000.00 The not for profit, volunteer run charity Zephyr Education Inc was founded in 2013 by Isabella
Bevan, David Bevan AM, Carmel Martin and Terry Martin to help children at domestic violence shelters resume their education by supplying
them with everything they need to start at their new school.

The Project involves helping children in the Northern Rivers District whose lives and education have been disrupted by domestic and family
violence, by supplying them with school uniforms, bags, stationery, and all other school essentials to give them the best chance of
successfully restarting their education. Already supplying school essentials to a DV support organisation operating in three towns within the
district, funding will provide additional DV shelters similar support.

The Shed of Hope

$50,000.00 towards providing all weather property access devastated by 2022 flooding to low income,
disadvantaged community members that do not have funds to rebuild damages incurred and do not meet eligibility criteria for government
grant assistance. This will improve community connectedness, resilience, mental health and wellbeing.

Round 1, 2023

Baby Give Back - Safe Start Essentials for Gold Coast Children impacted by Family Violence

 Our Foundation grant of $49,875.00 will allow Baby Give Back to provide material-aid support to 285 Gold Coast Children directly impacted by Domestic Family Violence. Tailored to the needs of each individual family (guided by each families’ specialist frontline support workers) including access to Safe Sleep Spaces – including a cot or bassinet and linen, Safe Travel Options – including a car seat or pram. and access to clothing, nappies, wipes, formula, bottles.

Enriching Live Foundation - Sponsor A Student

At least ten percent of Gold Coast school kids struggle to cover education costs, including food. Enriching Lives Foundation is a non profit organisation whose purpose is to increase the engagement of young people with education by assisting to fund their journey and make a lasting impression on their lives. Enriching Lives Foundation currently supports 40 State High School students in Miami, Coombabah, Nerang and Highland Park requiring expansion of the program to an additional 60 students within the State High Schools of Southport, Robina, Helensvale and Merrimac. The program contributes to expenses that families must cover, including meals, uniforms, shoes, stationery, technology devices, excursions, and school camps. Financial support may extend to extra-curricular activities where the student shows a strong desire or talent, such as music lessons, trade courses, technology or other agreed expenditure which will benefit their wellbeing and future aspirations. Our Foundation Grant of $10,000.00 will be channelled to the individual students via the school system and will be provided to them in the form of the required item or resources.

Fibromyalgia ME/CFS Gold Coast Support Group Inc - Creating Online Presence

Fibromyalgia is a complex multisystem physical illness, with chronic widespread pain experienced in the muscles, ligaments and/or tendonsi in at least 3 or 4 areas of the body i.e. above and below the waist, and on both sides of the body which may cause :- Sleep disturbance, non-restorative sleep; Fatigue; Musculoskeletal stiffness; and Cognitive dysfunction. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) is a severe multisystemic condition characterized by persistent debilitating fatigue; post-exertional malaise, sleep dysfunction, widespread pain, as well as neurocognitive, autonomic, cardiovascular, neuroendocrine and immune manifestations. There is no single effective treatment and people living with these conditions are highly stigmatised and isolated from communities in many ways and many people live with both conditions. Our Foundation grant of $3,000.00 will fund the creation of a professional website to increase the reach and impact of the Gold Coast organisation, providing simple, easy to navigate, clear content resources for self-management and support, online events and chat forums, it will be a platform for peer support and social connection which is beneficial for those who feel isolated and lonely due to their chronic illness.

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation - Trial Home Fetal monitoring for high risk pregnancy

Our Foundation Grant of $35,000.00 will provide The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation funding to purchase 30 x Hera-Med monitors to be utilised in a Fetal Monitoring Trial. The trial will allow early detection of pregnancy complications and reduce the need for 250 high risk Gold Coast expectant Mum’s to attend hospital by remotely monitoring both the fetal heart of bub and that of mum in their own home, resulting in – Improved patient experience (waiting for lengths of time); early detection of complications, better adherence to guidelines; improved maternity education; reduction in early admissions to hospital and healthier outcomes for both Mother and baby.

Guide Dogs Queensland - Child Witness Support Dogs Pilot Program (TCWSDPP) – Phase 2, Gold Coast

GDQ are running a pilot program in the Brisbane Supreme Courthouse, TCWSDPP, in collaboration with Protect All Children Today (PACT). The pilot is providing evidence for the highly positive effects felt by child victims/witnesses of crime from interacting with a support dog when attending court and providing testimony; benefits of which also extend to their support networks/legal system staff. Our Foundation Grant of $35,192.00 will assist in providing the second phase of this pilot at the Southport Magistrates Court (Gold Coast) to complete the evidence base required to secure Queensland Court approval for the state-wide rollout of this program.

Healing Hooves - Horse Float.

Healing Hooves brings Horses with Special Needs and Humans with Special Needs together to find Compassion, Empathy, Connection and Purpose. Therapeutic programs are provided for those living with Disability and/or Mental Health Disorders including School Programmes, Mental Health Programmes, Workshops, Team Building and Equine Assisted Learning. Our Foundation Grant of $30,000.00 will be utilised to purchase a purpose built horse float, which will allow the charity to safely & cost effectively transport horses to Special Schools, Nursing Homes, Respite Centres, Community Events, Expos etc. as well as providing transport of horses to emergency veterinary clinics or in emergency evacuation circumstances.

My Community Legal - Domestic Violence Project

My Community Legal focus is to provide FREE and accessible legal services, legal education and guidance, while also providing referrals where necessary. The Domestic Violence project is aimed at promoting awareness, education, support, guidance and assistance to victims via two weekly walk-in advice sessions, provide volunteers (volunteer legal practitioners, university legal students and senior volunteers) DV training to safely and effectively manage DV matters and raising public awareness of the many forms of DV. A Foundation grant of $50,000.00 towards the cost of this project was provided.

Nerang & District Meals on Wheels - Project Iceberg

Meals on Wheels Nerang volunteers prepare and deliver thousands of nutritious meals, taking into account client’s dietary requirements and provides social contact for people , assisting them to live independently in their own homes across the Gold Coast. As demand has increased over the past years a need to increase freezer space and replace a malfunctioning fridge was identified. Our Foundation Grant of $8,500.00 will purchase 1 x two door upright freezer 1200+ capacity, plus 1 x two door upright display fridge 1000+ capacity.

Northern NSW Helicopter Rescue Service - Replacement rescue, safety, and survival equipment - Lismore base

The recent devastating Northern Rivers floods, highlighted the need for upgrade of the existing 20 year old on board equipment. New equipment will include 6 x Survival Jackets, Locator Beacon Batteries, e-flares, small Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons life vests; 6 x Inflatable chamber for harness/jackets; 9 x restrain harnesses; 4 x Rescue Strops; 6 x Restraint straps (Includes quad lock releases); 4 x Y-Piece with quad lock release and 3 x Airlift Rescue Vest (Overland Survivor). Our Foundation grant of $49,405.00 will ensure the ongoing safety of both crews and patients during winching operations for the next 15-20 years.

Ronald McDonald House SEQ - Essential Accommodation and Support for Gold Coast Families

Ronald McDonald House Charities South East Queensland (RMHC SEQ) provides essential accommodation and support services to seriously ill or injured children and their families while receiving treatment in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast. RMHC SEQ operate two Ronald McDonald Family Rooms (RMFR) located within the Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH), including the operation of two emergency overnight accommodation rooms inside the Family Room. Families often arrive with no notice and major challenges confronting them as their child seeks urgent medical treatment at a nearby hospital. RMHC SEQ strive to be each family’s home away from home and refuge. The RMFR supports families from all locations who are receiving treatment or attending appointments at the GCUH and benefit thousands of families every year. The RMFR will have a direct benefit on the families that visit the family rooms & in 2022, the RMFR at GCUH supported 6268 individual family members and patients while their seriously ill child was receiving treatment or attending specialist appointments. Our Foundation Grant of $25,000.00 will help support this service.

Show The Way Inc - Multipurpose Van

There are 6000 – 8000 homeless men, women and children on the Gold Coast every given night. During the pandemic when most other food services shut down, Amber Ford saw the desperate need for a meal service for the homeless in the Labrador area, so Amber and her team of volunteers delivered hot meals every Monday night in Labrador, at times covered head to toe in PPE, to our homeless and marginalised.

Our Foundation grant of $45,871.87 was provided to purchase a new Hyundai multipurpose van to replace their 18 year old manual light commercial vehicle used to pick up perishable and non perishable food from various donors; collect & deliver household items – small items of furniture, clothing, toiletries, toys etc; transporting approx. 120 meals & 40 food boxes per week at Community Dinners (at Labrador Community Centre and the Boat Ramp at Len Fox Park Labrador) and meals delivered to Brett Lodge (Men’s Emergency/Short Term Accommodation); as well as servicing their Southport Op Shop for many years to come.

StandbyU Foundation - StandbyU Shield Friends & Family

An estimated 1 in 4 women are impacted by domestic violence and StandbyU Foundation is a charity that exists to connect people in need to those who care. In order to carry out the support services to families in need. With 94 victims of domestic/family violence across Australia on the waiting list to receive Family & Friends SBU Shields, our Foundation Grant of $49,000.00 funded an additional 49 Shields which were distributed to Gold Coast/ northern NSW residents on the wait list. People need people – and it’s these close connections that have the greatest impact on us, physically and emotionally. No family should have to set up a Foundation in the name of someone they have lost to DFV who they have loved. Families are not passive to the impacts of domestic violence and want to help. The only way to prevent domestic violence is to mobilise family and friends. The StandbyU Shield gives them the solution required to keep those they love safe and connected.

Top Blokes Foundation - Gold Coast Mentoring for boys & young men

Top Blokes Foundation is a social-education organisation that improves the mental health, emotional resilience and community engagement of at-risk and disadvantaged young males aged 10-24. Top Blokes Mentoring Programs strengthen the mental health of 14-17 year old young males while improving their engagement within the wider community. Our Foundation Grant of $25,000.00 will provide mentoring programs delivered in 4 high schools on the Gold Coast , totalling 44 workshops, engaging 40 young males and completing 540 mentoring hours. Participants will engage in weekly interactive workshops on topics such as: Mental Health, Risk-Taking and Peer Pressure, Respectful Relationships, Understanding Masculinity, Anger Management, Online Behaviour and Consequences.

Youth With A Mission Gold Coast - Family

YWAM Gold Coast has operated for over 13 years with an aim to build capacity in young people and develop the community through four focus areas: Training, Mercy ministries, Youth Teams, and Operations. Looking at creating more housing opportunities for the young people being trained and equipped through YWAMGC programs, our Foundation Grant of $30,000.00 will contribute to the purchase of a portable Granny Flat building.

4 Voices - Golden Connections

4 Voices’ purpose is to provide support and social, digital, community, and employment connections to women who may be or who are at risk of experiencing Family and Domestic Violence; Social Isolation or Homelessness on the Gold Coast via 3 hours at “shifts” at 10 locations on the Gold Coast in areas where vulnerable people congregate and also require support.
Helping people become more digitally connected and therefore self-reliant is our goal. One in ten Australians are not online. Many are indigenous Australians, and women who experience domestic violence and whilst these women may have access to technology they may choose not to use it out of fear of being tracked or stalked. Research suggests that social connection improves physical health and psychological well-being. Our Foundation Grant of $50,000.00 per annum (year 1 of 3 year grant) will contribute towards the purchase/fitout and annual cost of mobile service to the Gold Coast.

Baby Give Back - Safe Start

A not-for-profit, volunteer based Gold Coast Charity believing that every baby deserves an equal and safe start to life. For some new parents the reality they face is agonising over whether to buy nappies or food for their child as they simply can’t afford both. The Safe Start program provides emergency packs to vulnerable families in collaboration with maternity hospitals and social service agencies. Our Foundation grant of $58,000.00 (year 3 of 3 year Grant) will assist in funding for the Varsity Lakes warehouse. This space is critical for Baby Give Back’s work and enables them, together with their volunteers, to collect, sort, clean and safety check essential baby items donated to them from the local community and dispatch these items to vulnerable children and families (via their caseworker or social worker).

Byron Youth Service - The Pavement Project

 A not-for-profit charity committed to providing services for young people between the ages of 12 -24 years. Our Foundation Grant of $50,000.00 per annum (year 3 of 3 year Grant) funds The Pavement Project, a street-based project reaching the most disadvantaged youth in Byron Shire. Youth Workers support young people living with mental heath issues (such as anxiety, depression), PTSD (after experiencing traumatic events such as domestic violence), and impacted by risk of homelessness to shift their lives onto safer trajectories and brighter futures. The annual project budget is double the original 2019/2020 pilot project funded by our Foundation, to assist 24 young people a year, providing participants with access to counselling, life-skills and personal care resources, family support services and experiential circuit breaker activities that offer a turning point to better lives.

Cancer Patients Foundation - Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better is a free national community service program dedicated to teaching cancer patients how to manage the appearance and physical related side-effects caused by cancer treatment. Women, men and teens participate in practical workshops which cover skincare, make-up, headwear, physical activity and overall wellbeing, leaving them empowered and ready to face their diagnosis. LGFB helps break through the isolation that many cancer patients experience after diagnosis and is a vital resource that greatly assists patients with improving their sense of physical, psychological and social well-being by learning strategies to improve self-image during such a vulnerable time. Our Foundation Grant of $21,000.00 per annum (year 2 of 3 year Grant) will support over 210 people across the Gold Coast and Northern NSW Regions area each year.

Cystic Fibrosis - Little Lungs, Big Futures

From birth, a child born with cystic fibrosis fights to take every breathe. The disease attacks the lungs, airway passages and pancreases – slowly shutting down the organs and leading to an early death. Most sufferers will not live past their twenties and livelihood outcomes are greatly reduced among low socio-economic families who cannot address the financial burden of managing the disease. A recent membership survey rated meeting out of pocket medical expenses as the primary concern for members, who are faced with increasing inflation. Sadly, with no designated govt funding for cystic fibrosis sufferers, for many people, Cystic Fibrosis Qld is their only source of welfare. Little Lungs Big Futures is a medical subsidy program for our most in need, vulnerable members living in the LGAs of northern NSW and the GC. The subsidy is a financial reimbursement upon presentation of receipt for approved medications up to the maximum of $100 per annum. Our Foundation Grant of $5,000.00 per annum (year 1 of 3 year Grant) will directly support 50 low-socio economic cystic fibrosis children in our local community.

Friends with Dignity- Friendsafe Program

The Friendsafe program aims to empower those affected by DV through providing monitored safety devices. Victims often leave the place of violence with nothing but the clothes on their back and no access to money which means they are unable to pay for the device or it’s associated monitoring. Agencies such as DV Connect and social workers assess victims prior to referral to FWD. The watch is a measure of added confidence for victims, given that it leaves the victim with a sense of security and it is linked to a response centre which by the press of a button and the call centre decides the appropriate action. It presents as a smart watch, so that the perpetrators are not aware of its functionality. Our Foundation grant of $10,000.00 per annum (year 2 of 3 year grant) will fund watches in the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers LGA’s.

Friends with Dignity- Little Friends Scholarship Program

A volunteer based not-for-profit registered charity providing practical programs gifted unconditionally to assist survivors of domestic violence rebuild their lives with purpose, dignity and hope in collaboration with refuge and crisis centres . The Little Friends Scholarship Program provides bi-annual monetary scholarships to children who have faced Domestic and Family Violence, to ensure all children have the ability to either further their education and/or be able to participate in extra-curricula activities that they may not be able to pursue due to the financial impact of Domestic Violence within their family environment. Our Foundation grant of $20,000.00 per annum (year 1 of 3 year Grant) will be distributed through the Little Friends scholarship program specifically to Gold Coast/Tweed/Northern Rivers recipients.

Macleod Accommodation Support Services Inc- Children's Support Play, Equipment and Storage

Macleod Accommodation Support Services is a not-for-profit organisation that has been operating on the Gold Coast since 1992, providing high security crisis accommodation, trauma counselling and connecting women with community groups and agencies that can assist with health, income, education and life skills. The Macleod Refuge for women and children escaping domestic violence enables residents to stay for 4-6 months while they heal, recuperate, complete legal requirements in order to regain their confidence to live independently. The 2nd year of our Foundation Grant provides $1,000.00 to help fund the purchase of additional play equipment, seating, furnishings and storage for the children residing at Macleod Refu

Our Kids

Our Kids primary focus is to improve medical care for sick, chronically ill and disadvantaged children in the Northern Rivers region. The Our Kids Community Grants (open for applications in June/July each year), allows families or community groups of the Northern Rivers who care for chronically ill, special needs or sick disadvantaged children to apply to Our Kids to purchase items which can be demonstrated provide medical or therapeutic assistance that the NDIS doesn’t fund to individual children or groups of children like feeding formula, orthotics, therapeutic equipment, paediatric medical equipment (syringe pumps etc), mobility aids and play equipment etc. Not only helping with their medical care, the program assists in keeping the children at home and out of hospital, benefiting their quality of life. Without this funding the items wouldn’t get purchased or it would take the family some time to save to purchase the requested equipment. The maximum amount for a grant application is $2000 and Our Kids then purchases the equipment or items that have been approved and gives it to the patient. The Foundation grant of $20,000.00 per annum (year 3of 3 year Grant) which will assist a minimum of 10 additional children living with special needs per year.

Retreat For Kids, The Sanctuary Women, Children & Pet Refuge - Shelter From The Storm

Within Australia, 1 woman per week is murdered, and 1 in 4 women have experienced emotional, physical, financial or other abuse by a current/former partner since the age of 15. The Gold Coast is NOT immune to these statistics. Opened in 2016, The Sanctuary Women, Children and Pet’s Refuge is a self-funded, non-for-profit charity. Receiving no Government funding, they rely on contributions from the community and volunteers to provide refuge for Domestic Violence residents for 3 months (whilst assisting them secure alternative accommodation) for 6 x DV single females + 7 x mums & 14 -16 children quarterly. This equates to saving the lives of 52 adult females and up to 60 children per year, giving them shelter, food, clothing, essentials and re-establishing their emotional stability, through counselling, health and personal development. Depending on individual needs, intensive on site domestic violence and other counselling (one on one and group) is provided. The Foundation grant of $75,000.00 per annum (year 3 of3 year Grant) which will support the on-site full time, qualified Councillor and part time Support Worker providing access/support to external community and specialist services i.e.: Government support, disability employment services, school enrolments, returning to work or accessing job network providers as well as access to a full range of medical services etc.

St John's Crisis Centre

A not-for-profit, volunteer based charity, offering a welcoming place for those seeking refuge be it from domestic violence, homelessness, or in need of emergency crisis assistance. The Drop in Centre provides a hot meal, shower, laundry or bathroom facilities and the company of others in a warm and friendly surroundings. Offering a safe and dignified environment, the St John’s Welfare Office assists people in emergency or crisis situations, including families with young children. Hayley’s Cupboard has free non-perishable food items for those struggling to feed their families or themselves as well as household supplies, towels, linen and blankets, men’s, women’s and babies clothing, shoes and beanies. In some cases due to extreme hardship, grocery/fuel /phone/public transport cards/chemist cheques/emergency accommodation/limited contribution towards school costs may be provided. On site access to various organisations for help including the HHOT Team (Homeless Health Outreach Team), Centrelink, Gold Coast Youth Service, Orange Sky, Uniting Care Community – Psychologist, Family Services Australia, Hair Dressers, Podiatrist, Dental Appointments and Narcotics Anonymous who meet twice a week on the premises. Previously funding this program over 3 years (2020, 2021, 2022 – totalling $150,000.00) , our Foundation is again committed to providing a $50,000.00 per annum (year 1 of 3 year Grant) to assist in ongoing service provision.

Variety Qld - Learning all about spending in the real world (Coomera & Southport Special Schools)

A not-for-profit charity Variety Qld empowers kids who are sick, disadvantaged or living with a disability, to live, laugh, and learn. “Learning all about spending in the real world” is a financial literacy project designed to teach basic skills to kids with intellectual impairment to help create awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the value of money. As many of the students have not been nurtured to appreciate the value of money, initial sessions start at the most basic level of awareness and are then adapted to meet everyone’s individual level of understanding. Working one-on-one or in small group settings with special focus on senior graduating students, the program aims to ensure participating students advance in confidence and improve their ability to manage their own money, offering life-altering empowerment. Our Foundation Grant of $25,000.00 per annum (2nd year of 2 year Grant) will provide financial literacy for children with disabilities 2 days per term at both the Coomera and Southport Special Schools.

Variety Qld - Practical financial counselling for single parent families with children escaping domestic and family violence

A not-for-profit charity Variety Qld’s response to the demand from families of children with a disability or illness and who are impacted by domestic and family violence to permanently place a qualified financial counsellor at the StandbyU Foundation’s Magnolia Place in Helensvale for one day each week, over a two-year period. Helping a single parent improve their financial circumstances in order to leave and stay away from an abusive relationship reduces ongoing childhood exposure to violence and its short and long term physical, emotional and social consequences. It also decreases the risk of their children entering the child safety system. The Variety Qld financial counsellor will help families experiencing financial stress to manage their personal finances, assisting them manage debt and household budgets, negotiating with creditors, advocating on behalf of participants and making referrals to legal advice, dispute resolution and other relevant services. Our Foundation Grant of $24,826.00 per annum (1st year of 2 year Grant) will remove a significant barrier preventing women from leaving and not returning to an abusive relationships due to a lack of financial independence.

Small Grant Round, 2023

Arundel Park Riding For The Disabled - New Riding Equipment

APRDA enables all riders, non-riders and support personnel to achieve personal, physical and intellectual goals
through a range of related activities in an equestrian environment. Our Foundation Grant of $4,180.00 will be used to purchase new riding equipment (surcingle’s, puffer pads & toe stoppers) to allow participants to safely get the full benefit from riding and to improve their balance and posture on the horse.

Katia Project (Byron Bay Herb Nursery) - Solar Hot Water System Project

A not-for-profit disability service charity that provides employment and training opportunities to local people with intellectual disabilities in the Northern Rivers Region allowing them to have and maintain control of the decision-making, planning and sustainable development of their own business in an environment that encourages skill development, independence, dignity, teamwork, continuous improvement and the production of a quality product. Our Foundation grant of $5,000.00 will be used towards the purchase of a replacement Solar Hot Water System on top of the herb nursery amenities block, which services the 17 workers living with a disability, 8 support staff who support them, and also the many customers who frequent the nursery to buy plants.

Hope Starts Here - Food Shortage

A not-for-profit, volunteer based Charity makes a difference to the homeless, those at risk of homelessness, and those facing economic hardship in the Gold Coast community. These people have fallen on hard times and by providing nutritious meals, that have been prepared in accordance with appropriate food safety processes and guidelines weekly HSH helps them get their life back on track and restore their dignity. Currently feeding between 100 to 120 people every Thursday night from Southport Community Centre, 6 Lawson Street, Southport. Volunteers arrive at 3:30 p.m. to prepare the hot meals and desserts, set up tables and the homeless enter receive a hot meal and dessert and then choose various food items provided by Oz Harvest to take with them when they leave. A Foundation Grant of $5,000.00 will be used towards the cost of providing the food service for 6 months.

The Rainbow House - Childrens & Teens Grief Program

The Rainbow House on the Gold Coast is the children’s educational division of the Rev. Dr Ian Mavor Foundation to help children and teens experiencing grief, who are dealing with serious issues after a loss or a big life change. Children often start exhibiting various emotional and physical changes but their grief can go unrecognised, and thus is unsupported. While all children grieve differently, it’s a common thought among children aged 7 to 11 that the loss or change occurred is somehow “their fault”. Our Foundation Grant of $5,000.00 will be used towards the cost of providing an additional 2 x 5 week children (7-11 years old) and 2 x 5 week teen (12-18 years old) peer-supported, face to face grief education and support programs, along with a concurrent parents group (at no cost to attendees)

Riding For the Disabled Tweed Valley- New Riding Equipment

Riding for the Disabled Ballina provides therapeutic equine assisted activities and learning for people in the Northern Rivers living with physical, intellectual disabilities and mental illness. A Foundation grant of $25,000.00 was provided to purchase a horse float enabling participants at Riding for the Disabled and their regular riding horses to participate in community sports which would otherwise be unaffordable for them. As the Northern Rivers has an active equine sport community including dressage groups, regular training clinics and competitions at local showgrounds, forest trail and beach riding, participating in these events builds stronger community connection and inclusion opportunities. The float will also be used in case of emergency evacuations (e.g. fire, flood events etc.) or emergency vet hospitalization.

St John's Crisis Centre - Giving a Hand Up

Client on a disability pension, has mental health issues and is the primary carer of her 27 year old son who has
been diagnosed with complex mental health issues (Bipolar, BPD, OCD and is deaf) and has suicide ideation.
Client lost another son to suicide by hanging 3 years ago and lost a grandson last November. Her mother, who is
in a women’s refuge as a victim of DV is also supported by client. Client uses her vehicle which is unsafe and
unroadworthy to drive both her son and mother to medical appointments. Our Foundation’s grant of $5,000.00
provided sufficient funding to repair and roadworthy the vehicle.

Tara Brown Foundation (auspiced by StandbyU Foundation) - Office Equipment

The Tara Brown Foundation is a charity created in memory of Tara Brown, a young mother who died on September 9th, 2015 at the hands of her partner during a horrific act of domestic violence. Tara was not alone. In fact, she belonged to a large, extended family and was very loved but when Tara was trying to leave her partner, she was forced to stay for a short time in a DV (domestic violence) refuge. The refuge was of low standard and was certainly not the sort of accommodation that a young mother with a three year old child should ever be forced to endure while fleeing the dangers of a violent partner. Unfortunately, Tara left the refuge, was found by her partner and was killed – leaving behind her three year old daughter who is in the loving care of her grandmother.

Our Foundation Grant of $4,230.00 will be used to purchase office equipment to create a dedicated office/meeting space for the Tara Brown Foundation. This space will be utilised to build and grow the organisation to raise funds to upgrade and assist needy refuges and women’s shelters, and other worthwhile DV organisations that help women and their children escape violent and controlling partners.

The Pyjama Foundation - Teen Life Skills mentoring for kids in Foster Care

Weekly one on one mentoring for disadvantaged 12- 24 year olds in Foster Care focusing on educational development, self-efficacy and social inclusion to prevent anti-social behaviour and improve community resilience. Our Foundation Grant of $4,768.00 will allow 16 foster children living on the Gold Coast and their Pyjama Angel mentor to attend a team building day at Thunderbird Park (Mt Tambourine), to build self-confidence, problem solving, resilience and social connections.