Funding Enquiry

Expression of Interest:

If you fit the funding criteria for any of our programs, we welcome you to complete an online application, to be considered for funding by the Board of The James Frizelle Charitable Foundation. No further information is required unless requested by us. You can do this for rounds which are open by clicking on the link below in Funding Rounds Now Open.

Formal Application:

The following information is additional to what you have provided in your Expression of Interest. Unless there has been a fundamental change to your project, there is no need to re-submit the information provided previously. Please do not submit this information unless requested.

  • Please provide a detailed Budget and Cash Flow for your project clearly showing all income and costs. This should be shown monthly for at least a 12 month period. Please be specific regarding grants you will be receiving from other sources. Please also show all costs, inclusive of any administration costs you will incur. Your Budget must itemise all amounts not summarise them under a general heading. Please submit your budget in Excel format.
  • Please provide commentary on your funding requirement. Comment should include if funding is a one off or likely to be required on a recurring basis. Also please advise whether you have applications for this same project currently under consideration with other funders.
  • Please supply the most recent Annual Report for your organisation. If your organisation does not have an Annual Report, please supply minutes from your most recent meeting and annual general meeting. Please provide current financial details for your organisation.
  • Support letters and letters of reference for your organisation are important and should be provided where available.
  • Please provide staffing details for your organisation – full time, part time and volunteer.
  • Please provide full Corporate details of your organisation including all Director’s details.
  • Please provide details of any affiliations your organisation holds.
  • How do you know there is not a similar project or services meeting your clients needs? Please demonstrate with evidence.
Project Sustainability and Evaluation.

  • From your previous project delivery experience, how do you know you can achieve these outputs, outcomes and impact? Please provide examples to demonstrate your capacity to measure and report on your performance? (MAX 300 words).
  • How will you monitor and evaluate the objectives and outcomes of your project? (Max 250 words).
  • What long term benefits will result from your project and how will they be sustained beyond the project? (Max 200 words).
    (detail your plan for how this work will continue at the conclusion of the grant, including information on financial sustainability, engagement with other potential funders etc.)

Funding Rounds Now Open:

Please click on the following link to view open funding rounds for our programs: