About Us


The James Frizelle Charitable Foundation has been established to support those who have contributed to our great country but may have unfortunately through no fault of their own, fallen on hard times and can no longer speak for themselves.

Inevitably they may not have Government support and are not considered popular or newsworthy charitable projects.

They remain the “forgotten” in our society.

We wish to assist them to get their life back on track and restore their dignity. We can do this by working with other eligible charities who have the necessary expertise and human resources but need our financial support.


  • To make a lasting change to the lives of people in need in the Gold Coast and Northern NSW Regions.
  • Support is considered for the disadvantaged, homeless, returned forces personnel, 1st responders and those suffering mental health issues – both old and young.
  • We also support natural disasters and those requiring farm aid, where positive outcomes can be achieved through funding from the Foundation.
  • Grants are primarily considered for local initiatives that assist people in need, however we will consider grants outside of the local region for natural disasters and emergencies, where they align with our mission.
  • Whilst Medical Research is not supported, community health initiatives, particularly for those in need, will be given strong consideration.